Walton – in – Gordano Round Walk

Distance: 2 miles (with shortcut at Clevedon Golf Club) 4.3 miles in total

Estimated walking time: 1hour 15mins (with shortcut at Clevedon Golf Club) 2hrs in total



The starting point for this walk is to choose somewhere close to Hill Road to park!

The street is still clearly identifiable from this photo taken long ago.



Walk along Hill Road towards the sea , going round the 90 degree bend to the right at the end of the road.

Opposite the Catholic church, leave the road and take the coastal footpath to the left known as Lovers’ Walk. This continues for about a half mile with the sea to one side with views across the Estuary to Newport and the South Wales coast. Above the path on the right are the gardens of private homes on Wellington Terrace.

Some 600 yards past the- The Walton Park hotel, steps on the left lead down to Ladye Bay. This stony beach is popular in the summer with families who picnic, sunbathe and even swim. There is good rock climbing too! Once a year there is a race from Ladye Bay to the beach near the Pier, known as the Long Swim. Take care if you go down , the steps can be quite slippy!



There are many more trees on the path between the Walton Park and Ladye Bay now than there were at the beginning of the 20th century.

The path continues past the steps following the coastline. As you come out of the trees, another quarter of a mile brings us to a clearly defined footpath on the right, which can be taken as a shortcut!

If you take this short cut , it rises steeply and special care should be taken, particularly in wet weather. Although this part of the walk is only about 300 metres long a well earned rest halfway up will usually be rewarded with fine views up the river, with, in the distance, the Severn Bridges. At the top of the slope turn left and in 250 metres turn right towards The Golf Club-house on the left. Follow the road past some picturesquehomes on the right. Turn right and drop down the hill to follow the instructions from the Avenue…….

Otherwise continue on the coastal path, fine views are to be had across the Channel to Newport and Cardiff and the hills behind, and up the Channel to the Severn Bridges..

The path runs for about a mile before you turn right over a stile into a field which sometimes has horses in it and then you cross 2 more stiles at the top of the field before joining Walton Street, the Clevedon – Portishead coast road. Turn right onto the road, which after walking past the golf course soon leads into Walton-in-Gordano. You drop down the very attractive village, along a pavement under which you can hear a free running brook.

At the bottom of the hill, we turn right again at the Old School House and proceed through St. Paul’s Churchyard and along a grassy path past the Manor House. This path leads up through woods and along the side of a field, coming out eventually onto the Golf Course, initially between a green and a tee , but then directly over a hole where you need to watch for golfers coming from your left.

You go up through more woods, then you come out near Clevedon Castle, which today is a private property. The path crosses the course again, watch out to your right and drops down the access road to the Golf Course to join Castle Road beyond Castle Farm..

Cross Castle Road and walk up the Avenue, past many of Clevedon’s most elegant homes. The road surface has somewhat improved since this photo was taken.



At the end of The Avenue, turn left briefly into Cambridge Road, then right on to Kings Road. Opposite Robin Lane, turn into the entrance to Dial Hill. You can then choose to turn right on entering the wooded area , which runs on the flat behind the houses on Kings Road or keep going to reach the top of Dial Hill, the highest point in Clevedon!

Make your way to the junction of the path with Dial Hill Road. Beside a beautiful art deco house built in the 1930s, is the Zig Zag path back down to Hill Road. There are stupendous views from the path, all over Town and Channel and then you will be ready for well earned refreshments from one of the fine hostelries in the Hill Road area!

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