Skate Park

Clevedon Skate Project are planning a full redevelopment of the current skatepark including a new concrete Skatepark to replace the current metal and tarmac one, a new Pump Track for bikes, skateboards and scooters which will occupy the area between the current skatepark and the tennis courts, and the provision of a community hub at the site.

We believe this development will greatly enhance the already fantastic seafront area at Clevedon, tying in with other activities available there, promoting healthy and active lifestyles and providing young people (and all the residents of Clevedon) with a facility to be proud of.

There is still a long way to go with the project and a LOT of money to be raised but we have a strong, passionate and committed team of volunteers, a firm vision of what we aim to achieve and strong support from the community. Clevedon Skate Project is a registered charity.

Clevedon skate park is a great way to hone your skills – just strap on your knee pads and helmet and let the adreneline flow!
Monday: Open access
Tuesday: Open access
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Saturday: Open access
Sunday: Open access

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