Local Honey From Waggle & Hum Honey Farm, Clevedon

Waggle & Hum is based in Clevedon. We are a full-time Honey farm that specialises in cold extracted honey that has not been messed with in any way to destroy its fantastic natural properties.

We love our bees and care for them to make sure that their welfare is fully to British ‘Bee Farmers Association’ Standards.

Delivering to our local customers daily we want to share both our love of bees and their fantastic Somerset floral delights.

If you are interested in bees or just love Somerset Honey please get in touch. Honey orders can be placed via our website for next day delivery.

Waggle & Hum Honey Farm Clevedon are a Local Honey Farm that produces beautiful Somerset Honey. Straight from the hive, pure natural honey with all the goodness left intact.
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