Doris Hatt Exhibition in Queen’s Square

Wander through Queen’s Square and see what would have been empty windows, filled with the artwork of the late, great, Clevedon local, Doris Hatt.


The windows of Feast, the walls of The Baptist Church and the east side of the square will each exhibit some of Doris Hatt’s lively style of painting Doris developed in the early 1930s. Despite the lack of establishment recognition she contributed to numerous exhibitions, both solo and with others, over the next 40 years at various venues, including Clevedon Art Club, Clifton Arts Club and the RWA Bristol.

Doris grew up in Bath but moved to Clevedon’s Swiss Valley in 1922 and lived there for the rest of her life. Amongst her achievements, and the one in which she took most pride, was designing a house in the International Modernist style to be her new home. It was called Littlemead and it still stands. Doris and her partner, Margery Mack Smith, a school teacher and weaver, made Littlemead a meeting place for lively discussions about science, the arts and politics.

You can learn more about Doris Hatt from a small book, ‘Doris Hatt: Revolutionary Artist.’ Copies are available (£7.99) from Clevedon Community Bookshop and Books on the Hill.  Clevedon BID would like to thank: the picture owners for permission to reproduce them, ThatCopyShop for the design, print and install and Clevedon Baptist Church and Feast for display space.

This scheme was made possible by the generous support of Wessex Investors. It has been funded by the Welcome Back Fund financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.

Ticket details: Open To The Public

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