Clevedon SwimRun

SwimRun involves multiple swim and run sections, unlike an aquathlon which involves one of each. This means you’ll be running in your swimming gear and swimming in your running gear, no changing in between each section. It’s an adventure race for people who like to get wet, run, and scramble. All this happens along the beautiful Clevedon seafront, finishing with a run to the end of our iconic pier. Total distances: 1.2k swimming + 5.5k running approx, five runs with four swims in between in the lake and sea.

SwimRun is an adventure along Clevedon’s historic seafront, from the pier to the other end and back, with five run sections each separated by swims in the lake and the sea along the way.
  • July 6, 2019
  • 09:00
Ticket details:
Ticket price: £15

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