Christmas Events in Clevedon

First Night of The Christmas Illuminations

The first night of the Clevedon Christmas Illuminations!

Thursday 18th November
From 5pm
After a lot of hard work and fantastic support from the local community, we are pleased to bring you the 2021 Christmas Illuminations to Clevedon!
Christmas Lights – Late Night Shopping – Takeaway Food & Drink – Catch A Glimpse Of Santa!
The local group of knitters, co-ordinated by Spinning Weal, are also back after their ever so successful street decorating earlier in the year, with Knovelty Knits in festive themes adorning more of the street bollards along Hill Road.
Our GoFundMe page, raising the final few thousand pounds for the return of these spectacular lights, has not stopped! Thanks to generous donations from both local people and businesses alike, we are able to bring some fantastic Christmas cheer and festive atmosphere back to the Hill Road, Alexandra Park and Copse Park areas. From the 18th, there will be cash donation pots in each shop as well as new posters created by That Copy Shop with a QR code – so if you enjoy the lights and want to continue to support what we’re doing, you can contribute to their return for 2022!
We could not have done this without the support we received and it’s not guaranteed that we will be able to do it again next year without further funding. A few £ in the cash pots and a quick scan of a QR code to our GoFundMe goes a long way to ensuring we can make this a true Clevedon Christmas tradition!
Each year, 10% of the excess funds will be donated to a local community project and this year we will be donating that money to the Clevedon Skate Park.
[PLEASE NOTE – The roads will NOT be closed for this event or throughout the Christmas period]