With Love From Clevedon Pier On Valentines Day

A place for marriage proposals, weddings, romantic walks and memorial plaques for late loved ones, the Clevedon Pier holds fond memories for so many. While the Clevedon Pier is closed, we’ve asked some of their staff and volunteers for reasons why they enjoy Clevedon’s famous landmark this Valentines Day.



“The volunteers at the Pier are such a diverse bunch of people but they all have one thing in common: a warm and friendly welcome to both fellow volunteers and to Pier visitors. I’ve had tremendous fun welcoming all sorts of people to The Pier in my role as a volunteer.  The Pier is a wonderful part of Clevedon Heritage and I am proud to play a tiny part in keeping her alive for future generations to enjoy her.”  – Maria.



“Clevedon is a great place to live. And that is in great part due to it’s heritage and people. Volunteering on the Pier I feel that I am engaging with both.”  – David.



“I don’t just like, I love working on the Pier! I am a people’s person and love engaging with customers and working with a great team of dedicated people.” – Maureen.



“I love working at Clevedon Pier because it feels really worthwhile to spend a few hours each week contributing to the success of such an iconic, historic and beautiful structure. It’s great to be part of the enthusiastic and positive group of people all working towards the common aim of delivering the best possible customer experience. Every day is different and always enjoyable.” – Sue.



“I’m really missing it during lockdown! I love being beside and above the sea, although it’s brown. I love the sound of the waves and seagulls, the smell of the seaweed and salty air. I could stare for ages at the waves and across to Wales, Sand Point, Flatholme, Steepholme and the horizon. The sea is both restless and soothing. The sky views and amazing, ever-changing, billowing clouds and the light never the same on any two visits. But although the above is true, for me there is a limit to the time I can just walk along the front and sit on benches. Being constructively involved with other people on a beautiful architectural and historical structure makes me feel part of local life. The people involved in working and volunteering at the Pier are stimulating company; they seem to be a hardy bunch, committed to supporting the Pier, able to to turn their hand to whatever interesting events occur during the day. Because we can do half-day shifts, there isn’t time to get bored. There are different aspects of Pier life that we can get involved in (gardening, gonk-making, etc). Nearly all the visitors are pleasant and pleased to be there, and it is interesting to try to judge if they would like to chat and be given information, or just want to get on with walking down the Pier. Both colleagues and visitors are very varied. I like working in the Pagoda, serving sustenance, and look forward to it being open to visitors to sit down, so that I can chat with those who would like to, and in between stare at the marvellous seascape.” – Debbie.


Image Credit www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk


“Clevedon Pier is a lovely place to work and as well as its stunning architecture, beautiful views and location, the people who also work there are nice and its a good to be able to welcome visitors to the Pier in an enthusiastic way. We like the Pier so much, my fiancé Jeremy and I are having our wedding on the Pier this year”.  – Steven.


Photo Credit www.samgibsonweddings.co.uk


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