The New Way to Support Clevedon Pier

Over the years, the Pier has been sustained by a vital group of supporters.
The Pier would not have survived the collapse in 1970 without a passionate group of people who really cared enough to ensure its survival.



Clevedon Pier needs to raise £120,000 each year for maintenance and your membership helps us plan what we can do each year to keep the Pier safe for future generations.


  • Free Access to the pier at all times when the Pier is open (There may occasionally be times when parts of the pier may be closed for special events, where separate tickets are needed)
  • A Car sticker to display your support for the pier ( enclosed)
  • A Key Ring made from recycled wood previously used on the Pier.
  • A membership card , which you can use to gain access to the pier.
  • 10% discount on all purchases of food on our regular menu up to a table of 4 in the Glass Box
  • A regular newsletter telling you all about forthcoming activities and plans for the Pier
  • Priority Booking for Pier events

For more information, please visit the Clevedon Pier website