Supporting Your Local Community During Coronavirus

In the rush to return to normal, it’s important we use this time to consider which parts of normal we are rushing back to. Nothing would beat a walk across Clevedon Pier or a trip to the Curzon Cinema. As the summer months bring warmth it would be lovely to sit beside Clevedon Marine Lake.


A lot of things may change when Coronavirus finally runs it’s course, but there are particular parts of Clevedon many of us will take extra pleasure in experiencing again when the time comes. To ensure we can, we need to protect their legacy even if we cannot lend our support in person.


The pier, opened in 1869, is the only operating Grade I listed seaside pier in the UK. 


Clevedon Pier 


“Between April and June, we would normally welcome between 20,000 and 25,000 visitors – depending on the weather, which would bring us income of between £60,000 and £70,000 to help fund our critical maintenance programme. We are now faced with the complete loss of this income.

We have been working hard to reduce our outgoings. All our paid staff have been placed on furlough, which means that they will be paid from the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. The volunteer directors will be picking up all essential tasks. We are cutting all events, projects and plans but certain bills will still need to be paid – such as electricity to light up the Pier for shipping and insurance for this Grade 1 listed structure.

And, of course, the Pier will still be facing a relentless onslaught from the sea. The ferocious tides of the Bristol Channel – the second highest tidal range in the world – place continual pressure on the structure. Because of the recent storms we are undertaking a drone survey to check for damage, as any faults not addressed immediately will just worsen and become more expensive over time, and that is a cost that we urgently need to address.

You have shown your love for the Pier by subscribing to our newsletter. If you feel able to support us at this difficult time then there are three ways you can do so.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to the Pier and we hope that you are able to support us at this difficult time.

Phil Curme

Chair, Clevedon Pier & Heritage Trust”


Curzon Cinema 


© Kym Grimshaw

Unfortunately, the Curzon Cinema had it’s fair share of dramatic events both on and off screen before Coronavirus. With a leaky ceiling and repair costs reaching into the hundreds of thousands, there was never a better time to support one of Clevedon’s most iconic and cherished landmarks with coins in buckets and trips to see your favourite films.

The Curzon team are worked tirelessly to raise the much needed funds and now, all work has had to stop to ensure everyone remains safe.

While we cannot support by enjoying the next blockbuster, quick thinking CEO Susannah Shaw took many tiles home with her before the Curzon closed, she has the silver pen at the ready and is practising her best handwriting.

“You can now Tag-a-Tile Online in two easy steps – make your donation and then complete a form which includes the message you would like Susannah to write for you. She’ll then send you a photo of your tile. Simples!

We know money is tight for so many of us during this crisis, but would hugely appreciate your support if you are able to do so. Your continued donations will make sure we can still raise the final £18,000 for the roof appeal and help ensure that we can open our doors once again after the pandemic.

So far 722 tiles have been “tagged”, raising £11,700. Thank you so much for your continued support for your Curzon.


Click the link below and please share! Thank you.

Susannah Shaw, CEO Curzon Cinema.

A like and share of their dedicated Facebook fundraising page “Your Curzon Charity” could make the difference.

The name of that page says it all, YOUR Curzon. The cinema belongs to the people of Clevedon and in the fond memories it has given to so many in it’s long, illustrious life.


Clevedon Marine Lake 



Clevedon Marine Lake is run by MARLENS, the charity behind the lake. Cleaning, maintenance and fundraising for improvements are all carried out by volunteers, which is why this amazing space is always ship shape for visitors to enjoy.

It costs roughly £10,000 each year to simply run Clevedon Marine Lake, which is raised entirely through fundraising initiatives. The same again is required annually to make on-going improvements to lake facilities and surrounds.

There are many ways in which you can Help us Help the Lake – H2L