Supporting Local And Living Sustainably In Clevedon

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There are lots of campaigns in the media at the moment that promote living a cleaner, greener, more sustainably, creating less waste, supporting your local businesses, remembering those canvas bags… It can feel overwhelming!


Photo @indoorpursuits Pasta from A Better Weigh, cheese from Murray’s Deli, bread from Pullins Bakery


Here in Clevedon, #plasticfreejuly has become a key topic as concern for keeping our beach and sea front clean during the busy summer season is as important as ever. Groups like Plastic Free Clevedon are doing a sterling job at making as many people possible aware of the resources that are being made available to the public and drawing attention to the ways in which we can all do our bit to improve our town.


Photo @windowfit featuring Lolly and Moo bath time treats, lunch from Sow and Arrow and fresh veg from The Veg Box



Without trying to do all things, all at once, why not take a look at this quick guide to how spending your pennies can pack a punch. From sustainably made homeware, fresh local vegetables, vegan and cruelty free skin care and candles, pre-loved fashion and plastic free shopping, it’s much easier to do a little bit, use and waste less, and in turn, contribute a lot.


Keeping The Home Clean And Green


Deep in the mix of the independent boutiques on Hill Road, Wilfred and Alice supply a wide selection of organic, biodegradable products for your home. Made of all natural fibres, these types of cleaning tools are known to last much longer than your usual plastic sponges and do not release micro plastics as you scrub away at your dishes. These little specs from your sponge are washed away down the plughole, but travel back into the ocean, harming wildlife and their habitat.




As well as selling beautiful homeware, children’s toys and gifts, Wilfred and Alice also stock organic cotton, reusable produce bags for taking with you as you shop in Clevedon as well as metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes and more.





Wearing It Well


Did you know that consumption of new clothing is estimated to be higher in the UK than any other European country–26.7kg per capita. According to WRAP, an increase of 10% in second-hand sales could deliver environmental benefits, cutting carbon emissions per tonne of clothing by 3% and water use by 4%.

Three6T on Old Church Road has the answer for those who appreciate great style, will not compromise on quality, but may also like to give a new life to a garment that may have been otherwise tossed away prematurely.



Style is never compromised at Clevedon’s only pre-loved fashion boutique. Step into what feels like your personal dressing room and browse the beautifully put together racks for that “must have” item that will last a lifetime.



From classic staples that can be worn on a daily basis to that pair of shoes for a special occasion, Three6T has something that will suit, fit and feel fabulous on anyone who likes a designer label without the price tag.




Eat Green, Feel Great


Avoiding the supermarkets and shopping at your local independent grocers, bakers and delis is a great way to give back to the community and eat better. At The Veg Box, they aim is to bring their produce from field to your table in the shortest possible time with the shortest possible journey.


With a lower carbon footprint, far less plastic wrapping than your supermarket shelves and all at a comparable price, you can’t go wrong!



They also offer a delivery service of fresh veg to your door starting at prices as low as £8 and serving up to 2 people.




Relax And Enjoy A Little Guilt Free Me-Time


Buying a little something for yourself can bring a smile to the face of a businesses owner. Spoil yourself or gift someone you love an excuse to unwind with bath bombs, salt soaks, candles and diffusers made with a lot of love at Lolly And Moo and leave in the knowledge you have made an independent business owner and crafter very happy too!



All products are vegan and cruelty free and made for sensitive skin types. Candles and wax melts are made with our house blend of premium soy waxes, for a clean and long lasting scented experience.



“A Better Weigh” To Stock Up On Supplies


One of the big wins when it comes to reducing plastic is to find shops that accommodate customers that bring their own containers. When it comes to plastic free shopping, Clevedon has you covered with the opening of A Better Weigh on Old Church Road.


From eco friendly cleaning supplies to fresh local coffee, Clevedon’s new plastic free provisions store has been a hit with locals and for many, quickly becoming a key component in the weekly shop!


Feeling inspired? Why not check out each of these shops, their location and opening times on our shopping pages.