Saving The Curzon One Tile At A Time

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Did you know?

The Curzon Cinema opened it’s doors with a fundraising night!

Five days after the sinking of the Titanic, the picture house opened with a charity event raise money for the victims, families and survivors. True to form, the Curzon has continued to raise money for countless charities over the years and now, in 2019 it’s your turn to help in any way you can to help restore the roof and ensure we can keep our cinema in great condition for future generations.


© Kym Grimshaw

Good cinema only improves with age. The Curzon is no exception, weathering war and recession in her 100+ years, she continues to host mainstream and art house films and in more recent years, live comedy and music performances.  An undeniable classic in her own right, a centre for creativity and unfortunately, as of late, a little leaky… The cinema, which has housed film screenings since 1912, is in urgent need of repair.

The fragile tiles that are almost as old as the cinema are currently letting water into parts of the building causing a serious amount of damage to the ceiling. Along with the scaffolding and other external work to the building we are looking at a total bill of around £500,000.


The Curzon team are working tirelessly to raise the much needed funds with a “Tag A Tile Campaign” to encourage donations. Anyone who makes a suggested donation of £10 will be able to write on the underside of a tile. Welcoming visitors every Tuesday to their “drop in” between 10am and 2pm, you can, of course, you could donate more and have lots of tiles!



It might be a message in celebration of someone’s birthday, a message in memory of a loved one, a favourite poem, a memory of coming to the Curzon, something you love about Clevedon – or even a drawing! Anything…

These special moments in time will then be encapsulated in the roof for the next 100+ years. You will be part of the fabric of the building. Just imagine when they replace the roof once more, all of these precious historical messages will be revealed to future generations. They will know how much our local community held our cinema close to their hearts.

With a leaky ceiling and repair costs reaching into the hundreds of thousands, there has never been a better time to visit and support one of Clevedon’s most iconic and cherished landmarks.

Let’s not forget, every ticket sale, donation into their collection pots or even a like and share of their dedicated Facebook fundraising page Your Curzon Charity could make the difference. The name of that page says it all, YOUR Curzon. The cinema belongs to the people of Clevedon and in the fond memories it has given to so many in it’s long, illustrious life.

You can also donate from the comfort of your own home using their text message service. 


If you’re out and about in town, why not throw your change into one of these collection pots? Thanks to Teatro Lounge, Sow & Arrow, Midgley Green, Five the Beach, and Market Hall Cafe you can donate on the go.


Grab yourself some popcorn when you visit and throw the change into a donation bucket that no doubt someone may be rattling. What a cause!


Penny pinching? Please like and share, spreading the word is just as valuable.