Now Hiring: Role: Business Improvement District (BID) Manager

We now have an exceptional opportunity to join the Clevedon BID team as a Business Improvement District (BID) Manager. This pivotal role is ideal for a proactive and strategic leader with a passion for community development and urban regeneration. As our BID Manager, you will be at the forefront of driving initiatives that enhance the economic vitality and aesthetic appeal of our town. Your expertise will be crucial in fostering strong partnerships, spearheading innovative projects, and ensuring the sustained growth and prosperity of our local businesses. If you are enthusiastic about making a tangible difference in our community, we invite you to explore this rewarding role with us.

Role: Business Improvement District (BID) Manager

Location: Clevedon, North Somerset

Contracted hours: 2 days per week, contractor basis

Length of contract: Up to 4 years – 2 months’ notice either side

Salary: £14,000 per annum for 2 days – paid monthly


Clevedon BID is in its 2nd successful term, having won a referendum to continue its partnership approach for businesses in Clevedon to work together to deliver business priorities


The BID board comprises volunteers from businesses across the town, representing retail, hospitality, office-based businesses and organisations like the Curzon and Clevedon Pier.


We are looking for a positive, creative, solution-driven individual with excellent project management and marketing skills to deliver our priorities for the second term which include:

· Providing a ‘face of the BID’ on the streets; inviting active collaboration on BID activities and encouraging greater member engagement with projects.

· Helping to facilitate improvements in the town centre by advocating on behalf of the businesses, with local government and other key organisations to optimise e.g. the redevelopment of Castlewood and the town’s transport infrastructure.

· Promoting the Discover Clevedon website and social media channels; develop and expand community and/or influencer outreach efforts.

· Measuring the BID’s impact on the town to assist with funding and grant streams that support the BID and high street of the future


In addition, you will

· Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for the BID’s second term, identifying how to encourage more visitors to our town

· Manage BID projects, ensuring all BID projects are delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner

· Manage the BID budget

· Manage the levy payer database, ensuring clear communication with all traders and levy payers

· Prepare board papers, report on project progress at board meetings, circulate minutes

· Manage the business portal on the Clevedon BID website

· Canvass business support for the BID renewal campaign from 2027


Ideally, the candidate should possess the following skills and experience:

· Have a deep local knowledge of the local social, business and community context in Clevedon

· Be at ease engaging positively with a wide variety of businesses

· Be experienced with traditional and digital marketing with excellent writing and language skills and an acute understanding of the principles of “Search and Social”

· Have a working knowledge of principles of SEO including keyword research and Google Analytics

· Possess a functional knowledge and/or personal experience of WordPress and/or similar


Application Process, Including Timelines:

To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your relevant experience and suitability for this role to [email protected]. The closing date for applications is July 31st 2024. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply promptly to be considered for this exciting opportunity. A job share application from 2 candidates would be considered.