Mercury Hub: A New Way of Working In Clevedon

Not all businesses begin with a big office. Often, you’ll find entrepreneurial types hammering the keyboard at home or sipping coffee in the corner of a cafe. 



If you’re a freelancer, a small start-up, or are just looking to base yourself more locally – the new fully office-equipped workspace at Mercury Hub will hopefully fit the bill.

For under £10 a day you can hire a desk and create your own home from home workspace on a permanent basis. You will get uninterrupted WiFi (with a back-up line installed in case of any glitches), have access to our facilities and we will endeavour to keep the kitchen stacked of tea and coffee to keep you going.



Historically, the building at 2 Linden Road, has always served it’s town. In recent years, as a bank, and before this the home of the Mercury Press print works. Paying tribute to this, the Mercury Hub was named. Additionally, the names of the meeting rooms, co-working spaces and offices all take inspirations from local roads.


A great break out space fully equipped with bottomless cups of Yorkshire tea, bean to cup coffee and filtered water.


The Mercury Hub is designed to be much more than just an office space. More like a workspace retreat, not only have they covered all those office essentials, they’re in a fantastic location to reap the advantages of working in Clevedon. Sea air, stacks of independent shops, the local microbrewery, and supermarkets are to name a few. Plus, if you live nearby and choose to stay and work in Clevedon you’ll benefit from reduced costs in your time and travel.


The former occupants’ bank vault converted into a canny, secure space to keep your bike.

As well as office space, you can book and invite prospective clients into an impressive meeting room. Whether it be a space for interviewing, strategic planning or meeting with clients, make the biggest decisions in a smart space that means business. 



Before committing to your workspace, why not join The Mercury Hub for a taster day on the 28th January to take a look around. 


Biked in and need a refresh? Showers available 8:30am – 10:00am.


Follow the link below for details.