Meet Our Illustrator! We Catch Up With Emily Charlotte Moran

Many will have noticed that the Clevedon BID has produced some rather detailed and eye catching maps that have been installed across the town centre and sea front over the past couple of years. Their striking design and colourful artwork are thanks to the creative eye of local graphic designer and artist, Emily Charlotte Moran.


From her cosy office filled with pictures, butterflies and art supplies, she works alongside her daughter, two cats, a cockapoo pup and last but not least Gordon the Goldfish, the inspiration at home for Emily is endless!

Since completing a Masters in Illustration and achieving the highest grade of distinction, Emily now specialise in design work which includes really unique, bespoke illustrations. As well as creating the designs now known to be the branding of Discover Clevedon, Emily also makes personalised gifts, illustrations as cushions, prints, scarves and cards on her ETSY page

We caught up with Emily to find out more about her work and what inspires her designs around Clevedon.


 What made you want to become an illustrator or artist?

Ever since a young age I loved drawing, I would copy illustrations from books about wildlife- bugs, birds, mammals and flowers. I did graphic design at University and went into a job doing that but would keep on drawing in my spare time. Then in 2015 I decided to do a Masters in Illustration so I could feel more confident about focusing on illustration as my main job. I achieved a distinction by using digital illustrations, watercolours and pencil artwork and this is how I now produce my designs. I also use my style to create logos, brochures, maps, adverts, icons and many other useful elements to help a business stand out.


Emily is also the creative eye behind our Discover Clevedon Leaflets


How have you found working during the Pandemic? 

If I am honest the last year has been a real struggle in terms of inspiration. Finding the time to produce anything new while juggling childcare, a dog, two cats, three chickens and a husband, while trying to keep my little business going has filled all my time. One thing the pandemic has led me to is jigsaw puzzles! I have absolutely loved creating my designs in them, because the nature of my work means I can add and remove characters quite easily to make really unique pieces and limited edition runs. 

You can purchase this puzzle here from Emily’s Etsy Store.



What is it about Clevedon that inspires your designs?

I walk our dog Larry around Clevedon and like to stick to the woods in the hope of spotting wildlife, but most of my inspiration comes from my love of nature, books that I read and the impressionists. The impressionists produced a lot of scenes where people are enjoying themselves outside and this is what I aspire to. If you look at my illustrations, I always include a few cheeky animals in the scenes and more often than not- Larry is there too.



Emily was also involved with the “Art On The Tiles” fundraising campaign for the Curzon Cinema, where her stunning tile sold for £390.


Which areas of Clevedon do you particularly enjoy drawing?

It is probably the Pier – there is just so much you can do with it because we are so lucky to have the sea and beautiful sunsets, they change so often that it always looks different. You also get people really enjoying themselves – despite the shops/restaurants being closed, there is still so much you can do and this is what I like to capture. There are also lots of pigeons living under the planks and I love their quirky personalities! 



As well as landscapes, what else do you enjoy creating? 

I am really passionate about wildlife. My husband frequently tells me if I get any more pets he will leave- that was before the chickens! I produce a lot of fabric products using sustainable materials and all of them highlight endangered species. Unfortunately, it is easy to choose the wildlife to draw as so many of our species are under threat. I have made it a passion of mine to be plastic free and using sustainable materials. There is just too much stuff being produced these days, so I like to follow in the footsteps of the William Morris crafters and create limited runs, thoughtfully.


One of a limited number of Emily’s designs that can be purchased as a tea towel


Which part of your work with Discover Clevedon have you enjoyed the most?

Working with Discover Clevedon has been a real confidence boost. The scale of some of the work has been challenging but really good fun and so wonderful to see how my style works with the concepts. One of the things I love most is when I walk along the seafront and see people stop and look at the signs, there is a great feeling of pride in that.


Photo credit Emily Charlotte Moran


You can see more of Emily’s work on her website and you can follow her on social media on facebook, and instagram,