Introducing Season One: A New Era of Entertainment at The Curzon  

 Introducing Season One: A New Era of Entertainment at The Curzon 


The Curzon, an iconic institution with a rich history spanning 111 years, is thrilled to unveil Season One – a fresh and exhilarating program that promises to redefine the audience’s entertainment experience. While The Curzon has seen its fair share of seasons come and go, this one marks a pivotal moment in its journey. The establishment is embarking on a new path, one that celebrates its heritage while embracing the limitless possibilities of its unique venue.



 More Than Just a Cinema 


At The Curzon, it has always been more than just a cinema. It has been a haven for culture enthusiasts, a place where the arts come alive, and where stories are shared beyond the silver screen. Season One is a testament to the establishment’s commitment to offering an eclectic blend of entertainment that goes beyond conventional cinema.



 A World of Entertainment Awaits 


Season One is a tapestry of diverse events that cater to a wide range of tastes. From the soulful rhythms of live music to the laughter-inducing performances of comedians, from the insightful discussions with authors to the power of spoken word, this season is designed to ignite the audience’s senses and captivate their imagination.


 Exploring New Frontiers 


This season, The Curzon is breaking boundaries and venturing into uncharted territories. It is proud to introduce new strands that will thread their way through the events, creating unique experiences for the audience.


Outdoor Adventures: Celebrating human endurance and the stories that unfold in the great outdoors, The Curzon invites patrons to join in for exhilarating tales that will leave them inspired and ready for their next adventure.

Connections: Embracing community and commonalities, this strand reminds patrons of the importance of forging connections and nurturing both local roots and global ideas.

Off The Page: Audiences can immerse themselves in the world of literature with talks from respected authors and dynamic experiences of spoken word performances.

Nappy Mondays: A special treat for parents and carers, offering them a chance to enjoy great entertainment without the worries of childcare.

Classic & Cuppa: Patrons can savour outstanding films paired with a comforting coffee or tea and a delightful biscuit.

Event Cinema: The Curzon’s screenings of Royal Opera, Ballets, and National Theatre Live continue, with added bonuses like live opera performances before select screenings.


 A Season of Celebrations 


As the year unfolds, The Curzon has special plans for Halloween and Christmas. Audiences are invited to join in for beloved classics infused with extra touches to create unforgettable memories. And don’t miss the spectacular immersive screening of “The Tales of Hoffman” in December, part of the national BFI Powell & Pressburger Season.


 Get Ready to Dive In! 


There’s an abundance of excitement waiting for patrons in Season One at The Curzon. The establishment invites everyone to explore, engage, and enliven their autumn with a vibrant dose of arts and culture in their favorite historic venue. The program can be browsed, tickets can be booked, and all are encouraged to be prepared to embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of entertainment.


At The Curzon, they are not just celebrating their past; they are shaping their future. Join them for Season One and be a part of this thrilling new era of entertainment.