Guest Artists At Studio 3 at the Clevedon Craft Centre

A friendly gallery that is home to resident and guest artists in a lively and creative space.

The gallery shows an intriguing mix of traditional and contemporary work employing a wide range of materials, to suit all tastes. Run by an artist’s co-operative, they are committed to providing affordable display space to local artists and accessible art to customers. Alongside permanent artists, regular guest artists and makers ensure that the work on display is fresh interesting and exciting.

Guest Artists

Hannah Felicity Dunne

Handmade Contemporary Jewellery and Silverware

Based in her studio in Yatton, North Somerset Hannah works as a silversmith and jeweller designing and making large sculptural pieces and delicate fine jewellery. Silver sheet is formed into statement bangles and rings. The silver sheet is shaped over stakes, mandrels and punches using mallets and hammers; a hand carved textured hammer is used to add fine details to the pieces. Each piece is organic and fluid in design with a tactile quality. Working with the textured hammers Hannah also creates fine jewellery in silver formed from multiple wire links. The necklaces and earrings are made in a variety of sizes and link combinations.

The Rocks On collection combines hand carving both in wax that will be cast and direct carving into silver. A range of tools are used to create different textures including files and fine burrs.

Please enquire for information regarding pieces to be made in gold, or with diamonds and precious stones.



[email protected]

Maxine Gourlay Artist

My work reflects a sensitivity for the natural world and our impact on it. I am often drawn to the overlooked aspects of nature and the many mini ecosystems that play an integral part to the functioning of a healthy planet. My aim is to draw the viewer in and hope that they will take time to stop and reflect; allowing their thoughts to wander and perhaps evoke a feeling of nostalgia and a desire for the world to slow down.

Colour is especially important to me and I have an experimental and intuitive approach when I paint. I like to put three or four colours on my palette and see if they sit well together and then just see what happens if I mix this with that, noticing what mood evolves. This can be an exciting and free way of working which I enjoy.

I find that my work very much reflects my mood and circumstances at any given time. It can be quite serious and melancholic; at other times it can be humourous and playful with a sense of fun and naivety.

Inspiration for my work is never far away but I especially like spending time walking on the Somerset Levels and Sand Bay with my leggy lurcher Peggy by my side.


All works are professionally framed using high quality archival materials. My giclee prints are limited editions and are reproduced by a company in Bristol who use lightfast inks.

Instagram: @maxinegourlayart Email: [email protected]

Annie Wood Artist

I gradually became more interested in the healing nature of art and creativity working in the adult mental health field running art groups before studying for my post-graduate degree in Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

The experience of this coupled with extensive travels abroad renewed a desire to pursue my own artwork as a landscape painter and explore more fully the healing potential of working directly outside from nature – an aspect I am now fully developing running small group retreat days.

I have exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad and my paintings are held in private and public collections in Brazil, USA, France, Italy and the UK. Read More

My studio is open throughout the year for one-to-one tuition or by appointment, please contact me for more details.

Email: [email protected] Web: