Fizz Gallery Presents: Unveiling New Original Paintings by Cityscape Artist Mark Curryer

Fizz Gallery is delighted to invite art enthusiasts and the general public to the unveiling of an exciting new collection of mixed media originals by leading cityscape artist Mark Curryer. The event will take place on Saturday 9th March between 2pm-4pm at Fizz Gallery, where attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to witness Mark Curryer’s latest creations, particularly his new Bristol paintings, which are exclusive to Fizz.



Mark Curryer’s journey from an early interest in painting and drawing to becoming an award-winning artist is a testament to his passion for the craft. Born in Eastbourne, Curryer initially pursued Three-Dimensional Design at Art College before embarking on a successful career in the city. However, the allure of art never waned, and he eventually returned to his true love – painting. Currently residing and working in Eastbourne, Curryer operates as a full-time painter from his home studio.



Mark’s distinctive cityscapes are known for their boldness and atmospheric qualities, drawing inspiration from unique architecture and the intricacies of daily urban life. His fascination with the transformative effect of rain on the city, particularly at night, and the myriad reflections created by multiple light sources, sets his work apart. Notably, Mark employs unconventional techniques in his artistic process, using tools like rollers and scrapers instead of traditional brushes.

The event promises a relaxed afternoon where attendees can enjoy a drink, engage in conversation with Mark, and gain insights into his work and inspiration. Signings and dedication opportunities will also be available on the day.



Event Details:


– Date: Saturday 9th March

– Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

– Location: Fizz Gallery

Art enthusiasts are encouraged to attend this unique unveiling without the need for prior booking. However, if attendees can RSVP, it would be helpful for planning purposes. RVSP HERE.

For more information, please contact Fizz Gallery directly:

01275 341 141

[email protected]


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