Clevedon’s Curiosity Shop




Clevedon Welcomes Store For The Curious To Alexandra Road


Colourful, kooky and full of well traveled charm, Clevedon’s newest shop makes a big statement on Alexandra Road. The suitably named Store For The Curious catches the eye before you walk through the doors. With a fresh lick of unapologetically bright blue paint and deliciously bohemian window displays, the artistic whimsy is infectious.





Owner Jon Earl (who is also owns Saker Stationery just a few foot steps up from Store For The Curious) has big plans for his new venture. Artists are invited to exhibit their work in the new gallery set up in the back of the shop, which are also available for purchase. Choosing to share the work of local creatives, the shop has opened with illustrations from Bristol based Rosanna Tasker and Gordy Wright.



Rosanna Tasker and Gordy Wright


Selling items you didn’t realise you could not possibly live without, the shelves are filled with unique gifts, homeware, stationery and books. Leave plenty of time when you visit Store For The Curious. Every piece has a sense of humour,  a story to tell or an interesting edge. Curated from across the globe, the items you find are like no other, making this boutique a must see in Clevedon.




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