Clevedon On This Day In 1914

Thank you to Jane Lilly and The Clevedon Civic Society Local History Group for this excerpt of the Clevedon Mercury from19th December 1914. A lot has changed since then, but over 100 years ago, locals to Clevedon were stocking up for Christmas and the local news had the scoop on where you could purchase your festive goods from local retailers. 
Clevedon Mercury 19.12.1914
“Although Christmas is close upon us, tradesmen have not so far been over-burdened with trade, but they have every hope that ‘Business as usual’ will be the motto of the remaining few days. Owing to the absence of so many of our male population the commodities required for the town are bound to fall bellow the average, but at the same time there is no resaon why purchases should not be made at home to gladden the hearts of the distant dear ones who in their various capacities are serving King and Country. As a guide to the public, we would draw attention to the tradesmen who are advertising in this week’s issue:-
Mr J B Parker, of Hill Road, if not displaying quiteas large a stock of provisions as is his custom, has enough to meet all demands. He has a plentiful supply of York hams, Stilton cheese and Wiltshire bacon and gammon and ox tongues; also dessert fruit in variety, and the usual range of British and foreign wines suitable for presents. People are now buying sensible presents in this direction. Attention is drawn to Mr Parker’s 1 1/2 lbs of tea, in tins covered with patriotic portraits – Kitchener, French, hospital nurse, etc. [14 Hill Road]
Mr A Sweet. Alexandra Road, has a fine selection of evaporated Californian fruit, Christmas iced cakes and puddings, Scotch shortbread in large variety, crakers and fancy tins of biscuits, bottle and tins of dessert fruit, English dessert apples and hothouse grapes, fancy boxes of chocolates suitable for presents &c; and in the provision department Wiltshire bacon, Cheddar, Stilton and Gorgonzola cheese. [10 Alexandra Road]
With an eye to meeting the demands of his customers, Mr J C Noverraz, of Kenn Road, has laid in a stock of Christmas cakes, crackers and bonbons, a large assortment of Christmas tree decorations etc. In addition the family joint can be obtained at the same time, also bottle dbeer and stout in variety and non-intoxicating wines. [56 Kenn Road]
Every facility is afforded by Messrs W F Lavington and Son, of Hill Road, for obtaining large or small quantities of spirits, wine or beer. Doubtless when it is realised that this enterprising firm will deliver even a small order at a distance, there should be no lack of business during the early days of the week. [45 Hill Road]
The above remarks also apply to Mr W Peacock, of the Bristol Hotel, where first quality cider, George’s noted beers, &c, are always an sale for either indoor or outdoor consumption. [Chapel Hill]
Though possibly evening parties this Christmas may be few, yet there is no reason why those who intend visiting friends at a distance should not secure for themselves not only the comfort but the save in time that would accrue from engaging one of Messrs R Stephens and Sons, and Co.’s well-equipped and up to date private cars (landaulette or touring) , at the low rate of 7d per mile. [10 The Triangle]
All that is required for table and house decorations for Christmas – whether cut blooms for the former or evergreens for the latter – can be obtained from Messrs Hole and Son (winners of 9 gold medals), Old Church Road. They have also a splendid assortment of choice dessert fruit, including Blenheims and lemon pippins, also grapes for invalids, &c. [13 Old Church Road]
Christmas trees in large variety are also on sale Mr L Neads’ Nursery, Sunnyside Road. He has also a large variety of flowering and foliage plants, cut flowers, &c. Holly wreaths, crosses and floral designs can be obtained at short notice.
Mr W F Lewis, of Griffin Road, has flowering and other plants for sale which may always be inspected at his greenhouse, Cortino, Albert Road.His fresh-cut English grapes are worthy of a trial.
The thousand and one nick-nacks which are such a necessity for the Christmas tree and the children’s stockings, are only waiting to be purchased at Mr Sims’ Bazaar, Old Street. Articles can be obtained from only 1d to 6 1/2d each. [9 Old Street]
Mr A E Latham, of Hill Road, is still maintaining the reputation for high class work attained by his father. His up to date slipper, boots and shoes are manufactured througout on the premises from well-selected skins and hides. Any of his goods would make acceptable Christmas presents. [73 Hill Road]
Messrs Lennards, Public Benefit Boot Supply, Hill Road, have a slippers and shoes suitable for evening wear. All their goods are british made and the purchaser can depend on obtaining the maximum value for his outlay. [49 Hill Road]
A special show of fancy goods for Christmas presents is announced by Messrs Silas Dyer and Sons, drapers, East Clevedon. All departments are stocked with British made goods at prices which defy competition. [East Clevedon Triangle, Bristol House]
‘Business as usual’ is the motto of Mr H Salisbury, Hill Road, and he aske his patrons to uphold the same by purchasing Christmas presents from his fine selection of gloves, ties, handkerchiefs, mufflers, scarves &c., all of which are of British manufacture. [47 Hill Road]
At the jewellery emporium, Old Church Road, is to be found the most representative stock of novelties suitable for Christmas gifts, which include 1,000 articles from 1s to £10, the prices of the same not having been advanced since the War. If our readers require Christmas presents engagement rings, or a wedding ring, they can see the Lot(t) at 6 Old Church Road.
Many gifts in the ironmongery line suitable for Christmas presents can be obtained from Messrs. Light, Hill [53] and Old Church Roads [23], as also from Messrs. Jobbins and Sons, Copse Road. [44 Copse Road]
The windows, gay with miniature flags of Mr E W Hancock’s establishment in Hill Road will doubtless tempt the would-be purchaser to take the next step and continue his quest on the other side (not the road but the window). [30 Hill Road]
Mr G H Hayes of Bath House, is displaying a choice selection of pipes, walkingsticks &c., also a great variety of fancy goods and perfumery, from which an easy choice for presents could be made. [93 Hill Road]