Clevedon Literary Festival: Sunday 12th June Programme

Clevedon Literary Festival

Sunday is your last opportunity to join this year’s More Than Words Festival! 

More Than Words…Pictures


Sat 11th 10-5pm 

Sun 12th 10-5pm

The Porthole Room, The Pier 

Pier entry charge

Sponsored by Greenfield Acupuncture +

Jo Shepherd will be exhibiting photographs of our Lest We Forget event in November 2021, photographs by Ian Knox of live music from our festival in June 2021 and by Chris Taylor of our Live Poetry event with Marvin Thompson in October 2021.

Jo will be displaying studies of venues and the people associated with them.

Exhibition of local artists’ works with Polodango 


Sat 11th 10-4pm

Sun 12th 10-4pm


31 Old Church Road, BS21 6NN

Free entry

Paul is an artist and bespoke professional furniture painter who displays contemporary local artworks throughout the year.


Artist in Residence


Clevedon Art Club, with support from the Clevedon Community Bookshop Cooperative, has appointed an artist-in-residence for the duration of the Literary Festival. The artist will be visiting various events, making sketches and taking notes, and using these to create artworks to be exhibited in the town later in the year. If you spot our artist-in-residence please feel free to ask about their work and this project.

“From fact into fiction: how travel and undercover journalism inspired adventure thriller-writing.”

EM Davey

Sun 12th 


Theatre Shop 

Unit 5  Triangle Centre, 

BS21 6HX

12yrs up


E.M. Davey’s career as an undercover journalist has landed him in some sticky spots. He’s tracked down a corrupt supergrass in Brazil, been chased by an enraged hippopotamus in Sierra Leone and posed as a commodity trader to expose human rights abuses on palm oil plantations in Papua New Guinea, and and faced the threat of being ‘spiritually destroyed’ by voodoo priests in Benin. He also has a lifelong love of history, devoting his spare time to visiting archaeological sites around the world. Now Davey describes how his work – and deep understanding of modern espionage techniques – inspired a series of well-received action thrillers. Because sometimes, truth is indeed stranger than fiction… 

Moderator : Ruth Bennett

E.M. Davey is a novelist and investigative reporter specialising in environmental crime and international corruption. He’s worked on investigations for BBC programmes such as Panorama and Newsnight. His thrillers mash up history and 21st century espionage, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

The Super Greedy Caterpillar 


Wild Words

Sun 12th

2.30pm Playshop 3.15pm Show 

Theatre Shop

Unit 5 Triangle Centre

BS21 6HX

5yrs plus

Want to see puppets behaving badly; a man wearing fairy wings; and a 6-foot caterpillar who wants to eat the entire supermarket including your granny?!

Want to hear toe tapping tunes to dance to; singalong songs to join in with; and other silly serious business?

Wild Words aka Scruff and Ratty ably assisted by humans Michael Loader and Tom Veck bring you their new show and what is sure to be a new freaky family favourite with a serious message about the Environment… The Super Greedy Caterpillar!

Two funny puppets, two desperate men, live song and music, an undersized trumpet an oversized grub, glorious family theatre, participation galore and one giant Un-Eco friendly beast!