Clevedon Community Lights Group Launch The Christmas Lights Campaign 2023



In Clevedon, the Christmas season heralds the arrival of something truly remarkable: the enchanting glow of Christmas lights that imbue our community with a special magic. These vibrant lights have the power to transform Clevedon’s streets and public spaces, filling them with warmth, joy, and a sense of togetherness. This year, the Clevedon Christmas Lights campaign, hosted by the Clevedon Community Lights Group, returns, promising an even more captivating experience.





The Significance of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are more than mere decorations; they serve as a symbol of unity and hope. They bring people together, inspiring wonder, and turning our town into a magical wonderland. For many, the sight of beautifully lit streets and squares is an integral part of their Christmas traditions. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Christmas lights contribute to the prosperity of local businesses, attract visitors to our town, and fortify our sense of community.

The 2023 Campaign: A Preview

This year’s campaign is set to be a dazzling display of lights and community spirit. The ambitious goal is to raise £8,000 to illuminate Clevedon’s Hill Road and Queens Square areas, including The Village, creating a seamless and radiant Christmas experience for all to savor. However, the success of this endeavor hinges on the support of our community.



The 2023 Campaign: What to Expect


This year, the campaign promises to be a spectacular display of lights and community spirit. We’re aiming to raise £8,000 to illuminate Clevedon’s Hill Road, Alexandra Gardens and Queens Square areas, including The Village, creating a connected and radiant Christmas experience for everyone to enjoy. But we can’t do it without your support!


How You Can Get Involved


– Donate: Generous contributions are the lifeblood of this campaign. Every pound contributes to our shared goal, and donating is both convenient and secure through our online platform.
– Spread the Word: Help us extend our reach by sharing our campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues. Together, we can amplify our impact and garner additional support.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Local businesses are cordially invited to join us in spreading not only their name but also the joy of the holiday season. The Clevedon Community Lights Group is excited to present corporate sponsorship packages starting at a £1,000 donation. These packages encompass the following benefits:
– Logo Placement: Your company’s logo will feature prominently on all printed marketing materials, provided your decision is made within the next two weeks.
– Social Media Recognition: Sponsors will enjoy recognition within our social media campaign during the illumination period, reaching a broad audience and showcasing their commitment to the community.
– Discover Clevedon Exposure: The campaign will include dedicated content within the public-facing BID website for Clevedon, introducing your business and expressing gratitude for your invaluable support.
For further information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sue at [email protected].


Donate Now!  


The Light Switch On!

Furthermore, the campaign will culminate in two exciting switch-on celebrations on November 23rd and 24th, accompanied by a Winter Market hosted by the Clevedon Sunday Market in December. These events will provide sponsors with ample visibility throughout the festive season.
This year’s campaign proudly enjoys the partnership and support of Clevedon BID (Business Improvement District) and the Clevedon Town Council. Their collaboration with the Clevedon Community Lights Group enhances the magic of the campaign, reflecting their shared commitment to enriching Clevedon’s economic and cultural vibrancy.
Stay tuned for updates, heartwarming stories, and thrilling developments as we embark on our journey to achieve our £8,000 goal. Together, let’s make this Christmas in Clevedon truly magical!