A Virtual “Poets’ Walk” Call for Poets: Clevedon LitFest Seeks Local Poetic Voices

The Clevedon Literature Festival (LitFest) is excited to announce a callout for locally-based poets to participate in a unique project inspired by the literary legacies of Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. As part of the festival’s exploration of these renowned poets’ associations with Clevedon, we invite poets to respond to themes encapsulated in their works.

The curated poems will form the heart of a located audio walk accessible via smartphones during the upcoming LitFest. Set against the backdrop of Clevedon’s picturesque landscapes, the walk will meander through key locations, including the iconic Poets’ Walk, where Tennyson and Coleridge once found inspiration.

Themes for Exploration:

1. Themes of Loss: Inspired by Tennyson’s poignant poem “In Memoriam” dedicated to his friend Hallam, buried in St Andrew’s churchyard.

2. The Music of Nature: Drawing from Coleridge’s fascination with nature’s melodies, particularly evident in his conversation poem “The Aeolian Harp,” penned during his early days of marriage to Sara while residing in Clevedon.

From these profound connections to the town’s history, we seek to foster poetic dialogues that resonate with the essence of these renowned works. Poets are encouraged to delve into either or both themes, incorporating their own perspectives, historical insights, or personal encounters with Clevedon’s landscapes.


– April 2nd, 2024: Call for Work Opens

– April 30th, 2024: Deadline for First Drafts

– May 14th / May 21st, 2024: Online Workshopping of Selected Poems

– June, 2024: Festival Demonstration of App and Exhibition of Poems

– September, 2024: Launch of Final Working App

Expressions of interest and submissions should be sent to [email protected].