Clevedon Town Football Club Mural Launch

Clevedon Town Football Club is thrilled to announce the official unveiling of their Seasiders Heritage Mural on the entrance wall to the Everyone Active Hand Stadium. The much-anticipated event will take place on March 9th and 16th, coinciding with home games against Barnstaple and Welton Rovers.



The meticulously designed mural, showcasing the club’s rich history from 1880 to the present day, will be the focal point of a series of launch events. To complement the unveiling, Clevedon Town FC has produced a captivating “pocket guide” booklet, providing an in-depth look at the mural’s various elements. The booklet will be distributed during the launch events and also made available in local shops.



In addition to the mural, the club has taken a step further by installing two history boards around the town, mirroring the style and format of the mural series. The boards, crafted by the talented Emily Charlotte Moran, serve as a visual feast for history enthusiasts and locals alike.



The launch events promise an engaging experience for attendees. A guided talk along the mural, scheduled between 12 noon and 2 pm on March 9th and 16th, will provide insights into the club’s captivating journey. The talks, occurring every 15 minutes starting at noon, offer a unique opportunity to understand how each mural element contributes to the narrative of the club.

On March 13th, from 2 pm to 5 pm, Clevedon Town FC extends a warm invitation to local community groups, youth organisations, and schools. Groups and schools interested in a tour of the mural and an inside look at the stadium are encouraged to attend this special event.

To enhance the project’s reach, Clevedon Town FC has collaborated with sports media students who are producing a documentary about the mural project. As part of this, the club is delighted to invite a representative from the Business Improvement District (BID) for an interview, providing broader context to the club’s significance within the town’s offerings. Clevedon Town are playing in Discover Clevedon shirts this season.


For more information on the launch events and to stay updated, please visit their Facebook Event Page. Clevedon Town FC encourages the community to spread the word and join these events, either individually or as part of the BID group. Attendees at these events will receive a complimentary Mural Pocket Guide and the chance to meet the dedicated team behind this exciting project.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Clevedon’s history as the Seasiders Heritage Mural takes centre stage, celebrating the enduring legacy of Clevedon Town Football Club!